Who Do We Work With?

To many, working with an architect is something that is seen as out-of-reach. Why? Because even though most people do have a true appreciation for good design, they believe the cost to be high and the effort to be too much. Working with an architect is for the wealthy and for businesses that need fancy, modern spaces that impress clients and customers, right? Certainly, architects do work with these types of clients, however, we at Williams Architects work on all types of projects that are across the board – from renovating one room in a house to designing an entire new facility for a business.

Our services are meant to take advantage of spacial functionality as well as elevate the capacity of enjoyment one can get out of a design. Be it a porch addition, a kitchen renovation or a complete master plan of a property. We maximize the potential and help clients take their ideas to the next level. 

We work with all sorts of budgets, projects and clients. We might be known for specializing in residential but we often touch on small scale commercial, industrial and historical restoration projects as well. Consulting services, tenant fit-outs, building permits drawings, and additions to existing buildings are very popular project types that we are happy to work on.

Front addition to a commercial business.
ADA ramp addition to Church