The Getaway

This house was conceived as the ideal place to hold week-long reunions and holiday get-togethers for an extended family and close friends. It happens to be located a stones-throw from a popular recreational lake and the owners’ primary residence is just around the corner, on the lake. The difficult triangular site set the house’s footprint […]

Flexible Outdoor Entertaining Spaces

The program for this project was to create 2 areas of protected outdoor entertaining space where there were 2 existing concrete slabs. The home owners, who are very active travelers, also have a residence down South but consider their York home as “home base” because of friends and family. When they are in York,  they […]

Father & Daughter Architects Open Firm Together in York

Architects in York, PA

Adrienne Williams isn’t following in her father’s footsteps — she’s walking right alongside them. When her father, Jim Williams, ended his 16-year partnership with another designer, 28-year-old Adrienne Williams left a position at Hammel Associates in Lancaster and became his business partner in York. Together, the father-daughter team hopes to merge his experience with her […]